Our Ways Are Infinite


We each have to find our own way and our own teachers. My route was a full circle one. Allergic to the western Christian teachings of my youth, I sought truth and understanding in eastern philosophy. Years of study and opening through those texts eventually allowed me to read Christian teaching again. This time however, I would have the most amazing and clear guide: Joel S. Goldsmith, a mystic, spiritual teacher, and prolific writer who lived into the mid 1960's. He has the most incredible understanding of the teachings of Jesus I have yet to encounter. His book, The Infinite Way, is an entry point I continue to savor. Goldsmith is also recommended by current teachers like Eckhart Tolle and Marrianne Williamson.  

Journal to the Soul


Writing is core to the work of Rise & Soul. Through writing, we have the chance to still the mind and allow higher wisdom to flow forth. Admittedly, I am apt to write on scrap paper as much as I am to write in a beautiful journal. I do however keep a few treasured notebooks around and they have a regular rotation in my morning writing ritual. One journal I have however I return to time and again––it reminds me of the expanse of the space we occupy and all that we don't know in our world. It's the Graphic L Milky Way by Nuuna, a RedDot Design Award Winner in 2016. 

Light Within is Light Without


Some years ago, I discovered a designer, Ben Gorham, creating unique and captivating personal scents. Ben has now applied that artistry to making candles. His latest creations, part of a trio, meant to evoke memories of his childhood growing up attending a catholic church, give a sense of ritual, mystery, and fragrance to nurture the soul. I love lighting a candle each morning as an honoring symbol of the life present as we awaken, an act of gratitude and reverence for that which is available to us always. My favorite is Altar