What is a Soul Note?


An original and inspired note offering recipients a treasured moment of soul and something to reflect on over the days ahead. Notes arrive once a month on premium handselected paper bearing a gold embossed Rise & Soul and Soul Notes signature. With each note also comes a separate shareable postcard printed with an original inspirational image on one side and a short connecting message on the other. You’re encouraged to share with someone you love, write your own personal message, or enjoy as your own inspiration.

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Rise & Soul, and its core offering, Soul Notes, were born out of a desire to share what I love most with the world (Truth, Spirit, and of course, Soul!) and give others a treasured experience that invites them to activate a little more soul in their lives.   

Receiving inspiration in writing has been a constant saving grace for me. This is a gift I wanted to give others—encouraging messages delivered each month with the utmost heart and in the most quality packaging. Something to warm the spirit and uplift over the days ahead. 

My own writing practice and spiritual pursuits span over twenty years and have deeply informed how I connect as a partner, a friend, and in my work as a coach. My hope is that it may now also benefit you in your search for truth and peace. 

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Who writes Soul Notes?

Soul Notes are written each month by the Founder and then set in type and printed for distribution. 

Can I get notes for my event or gathering?

Email notes@riseandsoul.com with your request and detail the type of event. We can craft something inspired by you and the type of gathering.  

I didn't receive my note, who do I contact?

Notes are sent in the fourth week of each month, allowing for approximate arrival before the start of the next month. If you haven't received your note by the end of the first week in the month, please reach out to receipt@riseandsoul.com.

Do you offer blank Soul Notes note cards?

We may offer blank note cards in the future. Email us at connect@riseandsoul.com to let us know of your interest.